Research data critique Essay

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Research Data Critique

Research Data Critique
Conducting educational research includes the investigation, portrayal, clarification, or forecast of instructive sensation utilizing precise information gathering and dissection procedures. According to Aron, Aron N., and Coups (2013)”The statistical procedure for testing variation among the means of more than two groups is called the analysis of variance, abbreviated as ANOVA.“ This is done through null-hypothesis significance testing, comparing the hypothesis that the means are different to the null-hypothesis that they are not.
In this study the CEO of ABC manufacturing sought to understand the difference in pay for
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I retrieved a great example of how to work the ANOVA steps from psychology world website. Hall (1998),
“ Formula

SSwithin = SStotal - SSamong

dfamong = r-1 dfwithin = N-r

x = individual observation r = number of groups
N = total number of observations (all groups) n = number of observations in group
Now we put the raw data, according to group, in "x1", "x2", and "x3", Calculate the sum for group 1., Calculate (Sx)2 for group 1., Calculate the mean for group 1, Calculate Sx2 for group 1., Repeat steps 2-5 for groups 2 and 3, Set up SStotal and SSamong formulas and calculate, Calculate SSwithin, Enter sums of squares into the ANOVA table, and complete the table by calculating: dfamong, dfwithin, MSamong, and MSwithin, and F, Check to see if F is statistically significant on probability table with appropriate degrees of freedom and p < .05.” With the example steps of Hall’s websites I was able to formulate the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis. Determine if the null hypothesis should be rejected or retained based on the results. Our objective is to determine the significant differences between the three current salaries of ABC employees by job title.
In our conclusion we dismiss the null hypothesis on the grounds that we are expressing that the sample statistic is sufficiently not the
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