Research must be conducted in accordance with ethical principles. In this section, I will discuss

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Research must be conducted in accordance with ethical principles. In this section, I will discuss the steps that I will take in order to ensure that all aspects of my doctoral research will be done with utmost care and integrity. I will also make sure that it will meet the ethical standards of scientific research. In doing so, one will use the ethical principles of the American Psychological Association and The National Academy Of Sciences, National Academy Of Engineering, and Institute Of Medicine Of The National Academies
First, I would like to address the issue of plagiarism. The Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines plagiarism as “the appropriation or imitation of the language, ideas and thoughts of
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• Last but not the least, I will also run my document to plagiarism software to ensure that any unintentional plagiarism on my part would be taken care of every after revision of my document.

Risk Assessment Risk assessment means to evaluate whether my research would be a low risk one or a high-risk one the (University of Southern Queensland, 2014). Researchers should do their own risk assessment when applying for an ethical clearance from the IRB of the institution. According to the University of Southern Queensland (2014) or USQ, a risk assessment involves “(a) the likelihood that harm, discomfort or inconvenience will occur and (b) the severity of the harm, including its consequences.” Furthermore, the University of Southern Queensland (2014), also differentiated between low risk research and high-risk research. A low risk research means that the only foreseeable risk is discomfort. On the other hand, a high-risk research involves research with human participants, people who have special needs/disabilities, people involve in dependent relationships or illegal activities, clinical trials, non-clinical trials, human genetics and human stem cells (USQ, 2014). The goal in risk assessment is to ensure that the risks are minimized. Identification of risks are also important to ensure that they are acceptable in relation to the possible benefits of the study as well as to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of the participants are
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