Research of the Tingunee Essay

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Research of the Tingunee

Meghan Shmunes

Cultural Anthropology Professor Pappas June 9 2013

Shmunes 1
After receiving this grant, I cannot wait to go study the people and culture of Tingunee. Before I embark on this journey to the Tingunee of the lower Quebin river valley though, there are some important things I must make sure I do first. There has been no known visitors to Tingunee or any research conducted on their culture, so I will need to take extra precaution with the basic stages I need to complete. Upon my return, I will hope to be the first person to have a basic understanding of the Tingunee culture.
Cultural anthropology is the study of people within a particular culture and
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I plan to answer questions about subjects including marriage, local government, gender roles, religion/ religious beliefs; more specifically the role females play. I will be figuring these questions out by collecting data within the community and to do so properly, I will need to have an emic approach. An emic approach is how the Tingunee people think, perceive other people, how they behave, and how they imagine and explain things. I decided to take the emic approach over the etic approach because the etic approach would involve me emphasizing what I think is important about a culture after interpreting it and because the Tingunee people have not been studied before, I want other people to know their culture and thought processes without including my opinions. An emic approach will allow me to be a part of the community while taking in information without bias. After being amerced in the community with my emic approach, I will be able to determine what distinct cultural characteristics separate this culture from the rest. I plan on interviewing individual people, both male and female, to get different perspectives on everyday life within the tribe and the roles each individual plays in the community. Being a female myself will have advantages when talking to Shmunes 3 the females of the Tingunee tribe. I hope to

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