Research on Bipolar Disorder

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My research focus is on bipolar disorder. I found at least two dissertations that dealt with the matter. The first is Lauren Teresa DiPaula (2009) A chaotic companion: writers and writing with bipolar disorder. Dissertation. Indiana University of Pennsylvania ( Her theme was the following: The writer conducted a thorough literatuer review of bipolar disorder supplementing that with qualitative research in-depth open-ended series of interviews with 21 writers who had bipolar disorder. The study was conducted over a period of three years and involved approximately 34 hours of interviews and 585 pages of transcripts, that were analyzed thematically. The objective of her study was to examine the effects of bipolar disorder on writers and their writing. The questions included the following; how writers who suffer from bipolar disorder experience writing in their lives; why they continue writing despite the disorder: contrasts of writing style between those who have bipolar and those who do not; what inspires them to continue writing despite the impediment; how bipolar disorder influences their reasons for writing or not writing in the past and today; and whether they see similarities between themselves and other writers with bipolar disorder. Researchers found that the writing process was affected by bipolar with excessive writing occurring during the manic stage and writing
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