Research on Consumer Awareness

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Project Report On
“Consumer Awareness In India”

Submitted To:
Prof. Nadeem Merchant
(Research Methodology)

Submitted By: Division “B”
Aniket nimonkar 36
Jayesh prabhu 43
Atul rane 46
Neha zunjarrao 68

Allana Institute Of Management Studies
& Research

Mumbai University
Academic Year 2011-2012


In making this project report a lot of people have contributed by giving us the required knowledge and time, we would like to thank all of them. It is because of their assistance and competence that we have reached this milestone. We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to our Project Guide Prof. Nadeem Merchant, Anjuman-I-Islam’s, Allana Institute Of Management Studies & Research
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* We wanted to check the initiative taken by the Consumer’s to fight against malpractices and its effects?

* Does education level of people make them more aware about the unfair trade practices going in the consumer market?

* Are people aware about consumer courts and consumer protection acts?

* Do people take the initiative to go ahead and fight against, raise voice against these malpractices?

Through our research we will try to find out all the above objectives and come to a conclusion whether the steps and actions implemented by the government to raise the level of consumer awareness among the masses is affective or not?

Limitations of the research * The project is not purely based on primary information but includes a lot of information obtained from various sources.

* The sample size is small compared to the population of our country.

* The project has approximately 50% of primary data and rest of the data is secondary.

* The project is based on human assumptions and their self thinking as different persons thinking may differ.

Consumer vs. Customer

A consumer and customer are commonly used in the same context at times in business literature. However, they are not the same. Consumers are just one sub group of customers. Consider this example with the Philips Company. If a restaurant buys a Philips mixie (blender) for
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