Essay on Research on Cyber Bullying

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Maria Castro
May 30, 2010
Research Paper

Cyber Bullying Within Teenagers

Bullying has changed in many different ways over time. Just how everything around us becomes more technical and easier to use, in some way so has bullying. Technology has changed bullying because it has only made it easier and more available to cyber bullies. Cyber bullying is a new trend that has evolved in the United States over the past few years. Cyber bullying is wrong and dangerous, it has caused various deaths and all types of negativity inside people’s lives. No one should practice bullying in the first place but thanks to the internet it occurs every second and it can happen to anyone. Cyber bullying has become very popular especially to
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Megan couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take her life away (Parents: Cyber Bullying Led to Teen’s Suicide). Teenagers are not aware and don’t come to full reorganization of what they’re doing on the internet. They take advantage of the technology we have and use it in their advantage. They are not realizing that their words even if they’re through the internet, they hurt other people and take them to depression. Not only does cyber bullying take victims to depression but it takes away lives. Cyber bullying also causes it’s victims to have a low self esteem. Having a low self esteem causes teenagers to act poorly in school and they become less and less excited about life. Everyone is different and everyone deals with situations differently. At the end of the day Cyber bullying is a form of abuse. It shouldn’t be practiced no matter what the reason behind it is. Cyber bullying is just as wrong as physical bullying. In some situations cyber bullying may seem like there is no physical threat or even contact but in reality it hurts the victims more than actual physical bullying. When teenagers practice cyber bullying not only are they hurting their victims but they are hurting themselves. Cyber bullies can end up in jail because there are now many laws that go against cyber bullying.
“One day after the anti bullying legislation became a law in Massachusetts; New York lawmakers are trying to do
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