Research on Fast Food Restaurants

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Research topics in business and Management A-Marketing 1. A comparative study on application of advertising through cell phone framework among various types of goods and services 2. Market entry strategy in an emerging market using Country of Origin information 3. Impact of brand awareness on consumer/brand loyalty: A study of packages milk brands 4. Characteristics of customer loyalty: impact of brand image or product characteristics/attributes – A study of packaged milk brands 5. Effect of self-placement of habitual buying products on their sales 6. Determinants of consumer buying behavior through mega stores in (country name) 7. Consumer response towards country of origin (experiment) comparison between…show more content…
Customers evaluation of perceived value of service rendered by physician consultant 51. Studying consumer reactions to the Von Restorff effect 52. Effect of personal and personality characteristics on sales performance 53. Effectiveness of utility bill as promotion medium (a comparative study between company and consumer) 54. The revival of radio advertising in (country name): A comparative study of advertiser and consumer 55. The effect of corporate characteristic on the choice of CSR 56. Relationship between organization characteristic and organization response to Gray market 57. The effect of consumer travel characteristic and billboard characteristics on consumer response to billboard advertising 58. A study of waste management and recycling in (country name) 59. The effects of publicity source characteristics on consumer belief 60. The effects of search engine optimization on marketing performance of the companies 61. Impact of parent brand image on the brand extension of the firm 62. Impact of nutritional labeling on the consumer buying behavior 63. Impact of celebrity endorsement and event sponsorship on pre-purchase evaluation 64. Impact of communication on service brand evaluation 65. Factor affecting compulsive buying behavior in credit card consumer 66. The effects of consumer environmental consciousness and environmental friendliness on brand preference 67.
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