Research on Gender Comparisons Essay

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Research on Gender Comparisons

Gender has long been a dichotomous debate. One gender is more of this, whereas the other gender is more of that. Men stereotypically maintain a reputation as leaders and aggressors, whereas women retain the role of empathetic and nurturing. The author of our book, Donelson, has examined and provided us with a plethora of research on the gender differences in regards to leadership, aggression, empathy, nurturance, agency, and communal orientations in relation to their connected selves. Though this research remains true in many aspects, not all women fit the "normal" orientation for their gender.
According to our book, aggression is generally thought of as a male behavior, although the difference
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The reason for the difference between the sexes seems to remain unclear, however cultural expectations are thought to play a role. Men and women take on different roles in regards to leadership. Men tend to be thought of as leaders more often than women are, and when women are leaders, they are responded to harshly, not given the same consideration that a male leader is given. When men are leaders, they take on a more autocratic role- they do not want their followers to participate in decision-making; women, however assume to take on a more democratic role- they encourage input from the whole group. Perhaps the difference in leadership styles can be attributed to the fact that women leaders are looked down upon, so to not look as "harsh," they take a more tentative approach to leadership.
In our text, Donelson talks about the different "selves" in relation to gender. Gilligan states that women are more likely to have a connected self than men because they are nervous about accomplishments that can hinder or "threaten affiliation (316)." On the other hand, Gilligan states, men are more likely than women to have a separate self because they are nervous about "affiliation that can threaten their separatedness (316)." I personally feel that women leaders are just as connected with themselves as the women who would be described as empathetic and nurturing. Further, women can not only take on a leadership role, but also maintain with
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