Research on How Importance of Teenagers Using Iphone

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Research on how importance of teenagers using IPhone


Why do people use IPhone more than other phones? What is iphone charm of expression? IPhone and app store have brought us an unprecedented using of space. The first Iphone is to use all the gravity due sensing and capacitive screens, gravity sensor so that a lot of software and games have new play; the experience is new and impressive. About the hardware of the ISO's are simple and intuitive, rapid response, gorgeous interface that makes the product user experience unusually high. Although we think that the Iphone hardware is not the strongest and the software may not be the best. We think that the combination of hardware and software and on the basis shown that user
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On the other hand, guys love to investigate electron goods which within the best functions, fastest mode and texture design. IPhone is also a symbol of electronic trend which guys would feel good or considering to be cool for such a product. People always have the mentality for getting everything what other people have at the same time. They will have the mentality to compare with other people and they never want to be a “loser”. Everyone wants to follow the fashion trend and never want to be “worse” comparing to others. They feels they are getting behind others if they do not use iPhone and they will afraid that people will spurn them if they do not follow this fashion trend which considering to be “cool” for such an act.

These reasons or the buying fact of IPhone can affect a lot of influences. Every teenager thinks that buy an IPhone is people have one IPhone, also I want one too. They are all think that if they have one, they can show off that how they cool and these can affect Herd instinct. Also, the Iphone’s Price is higher than the normal phones. And IPhone is a Luxury before. Because it’s very popular that makes almost whole world knows Apple and his products. Many Teenager buy IPhone, they will turn to materialism, and no any ideas for using money. Moreover, many people are follow the IPhone trend and some people will queue overnight. Those people will become Apple’s salve. Nowadays, many people in Hong Kong are focus on their phones,
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