Research on Internet Usage Among Penang Matriculation College (Pmc) Students

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(i) BACKGROUND INFORMATION By the turn of the century, information, including access to the internet, will be the basis for personal, economic, and political advancement. The popular name for the internet is the information superhighway. Whether you want to find latest financial news, browse through library catalogs, exchange information with colleagues, or join in a lively political debate, the internet is the tool that will take you beyond your telephones, faxes, and isolated computers to a burgeoning networked information frontier. The internet supplements the traditional tools you use to gather information, data graphics, and news and correspond with other people. Used skillfully, the internet shrinks the world and brings…show more content…
3. Can they survive their lives without any internet connection? * Internet is one of the important things needed in life, especially for students. It helps a lot as students need it in order to finish up all the assignments and get further information on certain topics. Students also surf the internet to get the latest news on current issues. How would the students finishing their assignments if there is no internet connection in the college?

We randomly selected 50 students of PMC which represent 3% of the total students. We believed that majority of the students use internet in their daily lives for education purposes. However, as we all know, in a new era world, students also need some entertainment to cheer up their lives an there is the role of internet as students also can use it to find some entertainment in order to release stress. (ii) INSTRUMENTS
In completing this research, we used various kind of method to gather data obtained: a) Questionnaire * 10 questions about internet usage among PMC students were being asked and the questionnaire was distributed to 50 students of PMC. They were asked to answer the survey in order to complete this research and gain the data. The 50 students were randomly selected among all the total students and they were from different module of courses. b) Internet search * We also made

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