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Research on Marijuana Everyone believes Marijuana is a gateway drug. However, some people think it is not because they believe they will not use anything else. If we do not fide some form of way to get rid of this drug or if we make it legal our future generations will suffer. As of now our brains get affected. A solution would be to find away to get rid of this drug and not to make it legal. Marijuana has been around for centuries now and it still grows in use. People say it is good for the body because it helps the body fight of disease and many other things like pain. Marijuana is a very powerful drug and it is believed that it is a gateway drug. This simply means that once your tolerance is so high you will look…show more content…
Marijuana became more popular in the early 20th century and as grown in use. When marijuana became popular officials tried to control in under the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937. This act just stated that if you were using it for medical reason that you had to pay tax for it. So, to me it sound like we have given in before but eventually saw that it was being abused. Adolescents and young adults started increasing in marijuana usage in the late 60?s and early 70?s. During this time another act was passed which divided drigs into five catagoreis. Marijuana was placed uner the first catagory. That catagory stated and I quote ? drugs with higher potenial for abuse and no accepted medical use.? But in 1972 the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Legalization which discriminalize marijuana petitioned that marijuana be moved from catagory 1 to catagory 2 but were denied the grant. The reason for this petition was that marijuana could be used as a theraputic medicine and because it was less toxic and was more effecient than conventional medicine. Since the National Oranization for the Reform of Marijuana came out in 1972 with the petition a variety of legal decision concerning marijuana have been handled. After that year 11 states decriminalized the use of marijuana during the early 70?s and late 70?s only to go back and recriminalize the use of marijuana in the 80?s and
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