Research on Marine Vessels

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1.1 Background of study
There are four classes of vessels and four zones. The vessel for class A will sail in the area of zone A, vessel of class B at zone b and so on. Those vessels have their own fish catches. Trawling is a fishing method that very profit and this method have been used in the world and catch every marine organism through the open mouth of the trawl net. There are various type of gear sizes, from the small gear size to the bigger size that will sail in the middle of the ocean. However, trawling will catch a big number of marine organism. The trawling techniques are expands within the short times in the gear size, which can catch a big quantity of fishes. The weakness of the trawl gear is the trawlers are always catch the non-target organisms that must be avoided such as juvenile, threatened species, lower price fishes, and the charisma species such as sea turtle ad marine mammal (Fonteyne, 2000). Trawl net can be classified to several categories such as demersal-otter trawling or bottom trawling, shooting and hauling otter trawl gear, twin-rig trawling, demersal pair trawling, beam trawling, pelagic pair trawling or mid water trawling, and pelagic single boat trawling (Sainsbury, 1986). In our country, the trawlers use bottom trawling and mid water trawling.

Bottom trawling is the method of towing the trawl along the sea floor. Mid water trawling is the method of towing the trawl through the column of water above the bottom of
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