Research on Only Children and Their Parents' Pressure to Choose a Career

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Many of us cannot but get envious at any only child around. Being the only child may seem as the best thing in this world. Yes, only children are truly the most cared, loved persons in the family. But this love and care sometimes demands some obliged responsibility.

It is seen that in many families of our country that if they have an only child, they start to dream a lot about them since their early age. “Our only child will have to shine the name of the family”. “My child will only choose that profession which I will tell to choose”. “My son/daughter will have to marry the person whom I will think is perfect for him/her”. These are some common commands and expectations in families with only child in our
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► I managed to take a personal interview with psychiatrist Dr. Mohit Kamal. He shared his case history of depression and frustration of patients who were only child. He also gave some approximate data relevant and helpful for my survey.

Primary Data Analysis

Interview with a Psychiatrist:

In an interview with an renowned psychiatrist, it was found out that many children comes to pay visit to psychiatrists for depression related problem. A number of those patients complains that they are suffering from depression due to some family problems. Couple of them are only child in the family and they feel a huge frustration due to family’s high expectations. Many young kids are also found to pretend to remain sick during morning time in order to make excuse for not going to school. When they are talked to alone with this doctor, they admitted that due to the fear of their parents they pretend to get sick. Some of the parents almost orders their child to get the first position in everything by hook or by crook. Even to ensure that, they snatch away the play time from this children’s life. Doctor suggested the parents of the only child to be more resoanable and give them proper support and space to grow up in a healthy mental state.

The questions that were covered in the questionnaire are presented below as a tabular form:


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