Research on Primates at the Zoo Essay

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[pic] A Zoo for a Primate Observation 11/15/2012 For this paper I decided to visit Zoo Atlanta to observe lowland gorillas. I got to the zoo at around eleven in the morning and found out the feeding times for the gorillas. Once I found them, after watching them for a little while I selected the most active group to go watch during feeding. The point of this trip was to make me feel as if I was doing a field laboratory observation of primate social behavior and it definitely did. As you read my paper I will include what I saw, my feelings towards it, and also any questions or facts I received during my visit from volunteers or signs throughout the exhibit. To put this paper…show more content…
I am now going to tell you what I learned while at the zoo and I will start that with the gorilla’s social behaviors. First off the gorillas were in the back of the park in the Ford African Rain Forest. Ford Company sponsors this area and they actually named one of the gorillas, Henry Ford. The first group I observed was the Bachelor’s and only two were out that you could see but three is apart of the yard. Their names are Stadi, Kekla, and Charlie. The two that were showing any social interest was Kekla and Charlie according to the volunteer but all they did was either sit down or move from branch to branch and sit again. I decided to move on after about ten minutes and that is when I saw Taz’s group. This group was constantly moving around, playing, “being rough”, climbing on rock figures set up for them in the exhibit, eating leaves, or relaxing in the sunshine. Henry Ford is also apart of Taz’s group. Gorillas live in families of two to twenty members, with usually one being male and the rest female and offspring. This is exactly the case with Taz’s group. There is nine altogether and I will list them from oldest to youngest: Kuchi, Taz, Kudzoo, Sukari, Lulu, Kazi, Macy B, Henry, and Merry Leigh (Willie B’s granddaughter). Within that group Taz is the only male other than Henry who is his offspring. Since these gorillas
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