Research on Pro-Anorexia Website Content Essay

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The research problem is to explore the relationships between general media content and pro-anorexia website content, peer influence (general as well as specific influence to view pro-anorexia websites) and the drive for thinness in females, and drive for muscularity in males in the college student population.
The researchers assume that pro anorexia website content will cause internalization (which is; when a thought becomes a belief that (in this case), woman should always be thin and men should always be muscular and that belief would cause excessive dieting and/or exercise).
The population is male and female introductory psychology college students. There were 300 college students that varied from age 18 – 55 years old. About 55.9% were
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The third survey was an “Internalization of general media content” survey and would ask questions like “How often do your friends: Encourage you to view websites that support anorexia” with the same 1-5 scale as above. The final survey was a general friend survey with questions like “How often do your friends: Encourage you to lose weight, Comment on each other’s weight, and Talk about weight and dieting)”. The findings for men found that; drive for muscularity was increased with the pro-anorexia website with pictures of thin, muscular men. Drive for muscularity and the general media survey also found an increase in the desire to be thin and muscular in men. The friend influence with pro-anorexia websites and the General friend influence survey did not increase the drive for muscularity in men. The findings for woman found that all 4 surveys (Web site, general media, friend influence with pro-anorexia websites and general friend influence) increased the desire to be thin. Their conclusion suggest that woman may be more susceptible to the influence of pro-anorexia websites then men, as the pro-anorexia web site had more than 3 times the variance then men. The study shows the correlation between friend influences on woman vs. men as woman were more influenced by their friend’s then men. Finally the study shows the harmful effects
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