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Wound Cleansing: Water or Normal Saline? Ashtin Plummer MidAmerican Nazarene University Wound Cleansing: Water or Normal Saline? Wound cleansing has been discussed about for many years, different solutions and techniques have been discussed to use, and it is an important part of preventing infection. Wound cleansing is described as the use of fluids to remove debris and dead tissue from the surface of the wound. The purpose of wound cleansing is to make the best possible conditions at the wound site, for uncomplicated wound healing. The most commonly used solution would be normal saline due to being an isotonic solution and it does not disrupt with normal healing process of wounds (Ljubic, 2013). Normal saline has just been…show more content…
Review of Literature One of the articles that was reviewed to determine if tap water would be appropriate for wound cleansing was a systematic review by Fernandez and Griffiths (2007). In this study, various randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials comparing the effects of water with other solutions for wound cleansing were assessed. Of the nine trials used in this study, five trials were identified that compared the rates of infection in wounds cleansed with water or normal saline (Fernandez & Griffiths, 2007). These trials involved people of all ages, with a wound of any etiology, in different settings including hospitals, communities, nursing homes, general practice, and wound clinics. The trials also included an objective measure of wound infection, such as bacterial counts, wound cultures, or wound biopsy (Fernandez & Griffiths, 2007). After data extraction and analysis of the trials, the authors concluded that there was no statistical significance between cleansing with tap water and normal saline (Fernandez & Griffiths, 2007). However, the authors also acknowledged two major flaws in this review, including “the lack of consistency in the criteria and validated tools of measurement used to assess wound infection, as well as insufficient detail in reporting the method used for
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