Research on the Dynamics of Marriage

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In general, those that marry, do so between the ages of twenty and thirty years old. In comparison to the man or woman's relationships with their family members, a newly wedded couple's relationship is young. While they have both spent the first twenty years of their lives developing relationships with their brothers, sisters and parents, they might have only spent about three or four years developing a relationship with each other. This juxtaposition of relationship ages provides a strongly correlated example of the marital relationship that they will have with each other. Much research and consideration has been given to marriage and how the marriage dynamic continues to change. This brings about different types of hardships and conflicts. Ongoing research on this topic must be done to stay current with today’s society.
The institute of marriage has been in a process of constant evolution. If you begin in the Stone Age marriage was formed to have a more stable way for child rearing. According to the bible King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. In the 19th century American Mormons took multiple wives and polygamy is still common across much of the Muslim world. Today same sex marriage is very common and recently legal in a few states.
The focus of this paper will be in the present time period of marriage between a man and a wife. The limitations of…
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