Research on the Effects of Various Beverages on the pH of Saliva

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Introduction Potential hydrogen, what is it? These two words may appear as taboo for some people but when you abbreviate it, it comes out to be better known as pH. Potential Hydrogen (pH) is the measure of any solutions hydrogen-ion concentration. The range for pH is generally from zero to fourteen, with seven being neutral. If you measure any solution, if it is lower than the neutral amount of seven than that would be considered as it being more acidic and having less oxygen in its fluid but if it is higher than seven on the pH reading it will be considered as being oxygen rich and contains more of the alkaline product. Everything above seven is alkaline were as everything less than seven is acidic. As human we have to maintain our …show more content…

Body I will consume various drinks over a day time span. After each drink I will then wait for about 10 – 15 seconds for the drinks to be in my system completely, and then I will take a single pH testing strip that I will get at my local pharmacy and place a sample of my saliva into a spoon and dip the testing strip into it. The strip should immediately change colors or stay the same depending on the pH balance. I will then retrieve the color indicator from the testing strip box to see what my current pH is and record my discoveries. If the color meter indicates that my saliva is over the neutral mark of 7.0 I am opt to indulged less in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, caffeine, coffee (decaffeinated and caffeinated), and soft drinks. This doesn’t mean cut them completely out of my diet but reduce them slowly out of my diet, over time. After I see my pH reading I can then have a mind to increase the consumption of clean, filtered water and milk, preferably goat’s milk. Also I can then determine if my own saliva is acidic, neutral or alkaline (base). In advance to doing the actual pH test of consuming the drinks I intend on doing a before test so I can compare the differences in results if I there is any. Over the period of my experiment it will probably take up not much time because I want to give my saliva a chance to absorb the drink solution yet still be testable when I use my pH testing strips. I am going to test out three different

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