Research on the Effects of Violence in Video Games

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Much research into video gaming has focused on aggression and violence; see (Bandura, 1977; Graybill, Strawniak, Hunter & O’Leary, 1987; Scott, 1995; Silvern & Williamson, 1987; Zillmann, 1983). Research into the effects of violence in video gaming and aggressive behaviour has suggested physiological arousal causes an ‘excitement transfer’, consequently seeing and experiencing violence causes violent and aggressive behaviour (Zillmann, 1983). Additionally, Bandura (1977) suggested that adolescents who play violent video games are mirroring the behaviour experienced through game play, therefore resulting in aggressive behaviour. Hence it is imperative to research the sway anti social content in video games has on pro-social behaviour. Aside from aggression and violence there are other negative factors that need to be fully investigated, such as sexism and violence towards women in video games. Stermer and Burkley (2012) investigated the association between playing sexist video games and sexist attitudes, their results indicated that male participants who played video games perceived to be high in sexism showed higher levels of benevolent sexism in contrast to male participants’ who did not play…
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