Research on the Indian Software Export Sector

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INTRODUCTION: My area of research will focus on the Indian software export sector. After concisely discussing the main features of the industry, will evaluate the major challenges it faces and assess its prospects for the future. To concentrate my study on the topic; I have chose to do the case study of Indian company ‘Infosys’. It was found in 1981 in Bangalore. It is one of the most appreciated and esteemed companies in India that provides technology, business consulting, engineering and outsourcing services. Only a minor share of proceeds comes from domestic sales. It is primarily an exporting firm, and one with global reach. It was first listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1993 and in 1999 on the U.S based NASDAQ. The company specializes in software development and provides maintenance and independent validation facilities to companies in finance, banking, manufacturing, insurance and other fields. One of its famous products is Finacle, a complete banking solution for retail and corporate banking with different models. (Carmel & Erran, 2006) As the market is expanding globally and becoming more and more competitive each day, my hypothesis is that every company needs a good marketing strategy to be successful. Increasing global trade and sales activity all across the world has heightened the significance of exporting for organizations and countries. Exporting is crucial and has numerous benefits for organizations and countries. For an organization’s growth or
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