Research on the Microbiological Hazard of Linens

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Executive summary Linen that has been used is a source of healthcare associated infection and is considered to be contaminated and contain microbes that continue to survive or even multiply if not laundered according to required standard . The transfer of micro organisms can take place through contact from linen to patients, clients, staff so all stages of linen management must be considered. It includes storage, handling, bagging, transportation and laundering .To reduce the microbiological hazard for those who handle soiled and infected linen control measures are necessary. The aim of this study is to ascertain whether linens are correctly categorized, segregated and laundered to prevent the risk of infection to patients and healthcare staff . Introduction The term ‘hospital linen’ includes all linen used in the hospital. It includes mattress, pillow covers, blankets, bed sheets, towels, curtains, doctors coats. All linen used by patient that have been soiled with blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions should be handled using appropriate precautions. The risk of cross infection can be eliminated if appropriate precautions are followed by care givers for the handling, collecting, transporting .The hospital receives all these materials from different areas like Operation Theatre, wards, Icu etc. The OT linen need special care as it has to be washed & sterilized carefully. Microbialcounts is reduced in soiled linen during the laundering process. Water

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