Research on the Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Company Performance

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Research on the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Company Performance
——An Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data

School of Business, University of International Business and Economics, P.R.China, 100029

Abstract: It is well known that knowledge economy is mainly based on intellectual capital. Intellectual capital plays a key role in enterprise’s value promotion. In fact, the good intellectual capital control system can bring the positive influence to the enterprise achievements. It is important to make empirical research on the relationship between intellectual capital and company performance to create value and enhance the enterprise achievements.
In the paper, we take the relation
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Many domestic scholars also made some research on the concept of intellectual capital, such as Tan Jinsong (2001) who defined intellectual capital as a form of human capital which can realize research and innovation and can make directorial allocation of corporation resources. Yuan Qinghong (2001), Wang Yong (2002), Zhang Xiaohong (2007) etc defined the concept of intellectual capital from the knowledge perspective, as well as Yan Huahai (2004) from the perspective of the characteristics of intellectual capital. The composition of intellectual capital is not only the main framework of understanding of the content of intellectual capital, but also an important basis of intellectual capital measurement tools. As a result, there are relatively large differences among domestic and foreign scholars in the field of the composition and measurement of intellectual capital. Currently there are dualism, ternary and pluralism theory. Dualists to Edvinsson and Malone (1997) are the representatives of the dualism theory, they hold the view that intellectual capital is the coupling of human capital and structural capital; Stewart (1994), Mohan (2005), Swart (2006) are the representative of ternary
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