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Controversy of the Online Class

Professor: Steve Lindeman
ENL 213
Wensi Zeng


Online courses have started within the past 30 years as a means of learning. With increases in Internet use, many U.S. schools offer online classes. Because of the main disparities amid online course and face to face instruction, numerous questions have been brought forth in regard to the quality of online courses. This research will help American college students to understand the difference between online classes and face-to-face courses, and give them an idea that how effective that online classes are. Therefore, the leading research question of this study is what advantages and disadvantages of
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Advantages of online classes


College students find themselves with differing responsibilities past that of obtaining a degree. Employment and family commitments make similar demands on their time. Having the alternative of taking online classes, allows them to use online classes act as a convenient means for learners that are unable to attend classes due to restrictions such as distance. If students want to travel to another country and still need to achieve a degree, they can take online classes and transfer back to their home colleges. Moreover, some students come from regions where the colleges do not offer the courses they want, so they will be required to take online classes. In the current job market, taking courses online assists employees remain competitive, and are not mandated to take time off from work to enrol in college (Summers, Waigandt & Whittaker, 2005).

Equally as effective as traditional learning methods

With the enhanced development at a fast pace, the experience of online classes could also obscure the classroom experience. With developing multimedia applications, an online class has better comprehension of the class content. Technology has made it probable for all the tools involved in a face-to-face class to be incorporated in the online classroom. For instance, through webcam, the student can communicate with the lecturer on topics they do not understand. Students also

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