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Problem Statement
Educational Value
Poverty is one of the main social problems affecting Belize and other third world countries. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty (Today, around 21,000 children die around the world, 2011) This is very heart-wrenching and shocking to me, to know that many children right here in Belize are going to school and bed hungry.
Many factors contribute to this occurrence including: lack of jobs, lack of skills, one may be born into poverty or one may be forced into poverty by lifestyle choices. In the Belize district, the poor people experience high levels
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In other words, 50% or more of adults in the world 's most underdeveloped countries are illiterate.
“If there is opportunity for advanced education for those who qualify regardless of means," then there is a chance that the children of the families of the underprivileged, without their hindering inconveniences, will come to their full potential as adults (McKague & Oliver, 2012). They believes that the availability of a good education to the children of the poverty-stricken families comes second to adequate income in breaking the cycle of poverty. I agree that if education and training were made available to the children of poverty-stricken families then these children upon reaching adulthood would have the means to secure a well-paying position thus alleviating the cycle of poverty in their families.
Kim & Kwon believes it 's an important role of the Government to promote and support education. “Children need to have the tools available to them in order to learn to go to high school, college, and beyond to gain the finances to support not only themselves, but also their families (Kim & Kwon, 2012). By having education available for children and having people that support and believe in the education of children can reduce poverty for many people and give these children the opportunity to live a poverty-free life.
Baker stated that along with education, comes the education of condom use and birth
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