Researching a Jet Engine

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The jet engine is a heat engine specialized to use jet propulsion for forward thrust. The first credible theory on jet engines was made by Sir Isaac Newton. He theorized that a backward-siphoned explosion could move a machine forward at a momentous rate of speed. This theory was based off of his third law of motion which is for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. This law states that for every force there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but in the opposite direction. This early theory on the idea of jet engines gave way to the later inventors who would use Newton’s theory to make the first working jet engines. In 1928 Sir Frank Whittle started developing his first jet engine, and in 1932 he had the idea of his jet engine patented. In 1937 Sir Frank Whittle finally created a working jet engine. Meanwhile in Germany, Dr. Hans Van Ohain was working on his own jet engine unaware of Whittle’s work. Dr. Hans Van Ohain began his project in 1935, finished his first engine in 1937, and it was used in the first ever plane flight in 1939. Sir Frank Whittle is usually accredited to most of the work on early jet engines because not only did he get to start working on the idea a few years before Dr. Hans Van Ohain, but Germany was also being very secretive about their work due to their dislike of the other countries in Europe. Dr. Hans Van Ohain’s work was not shared to the world, but Whittle’s was and…

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