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Introduction In this assignment, it will firstly analyse the difference between various data sources and then it will evaluate both pros and cons in each source. Finally ,I will summarize which source I prefer and which is suitable for a available type of information. I have chosen my topic which I will enable use a wide quantity of information sources.Therefore,I will show the topic as I am posing for dissertation purposes,it is as follow; “The impact of the Internet on customer relationship marketing strategy in banking sector in the UK” I have chosen this topic about the impact of correlation between the Internet and customer in banking industry because there is plenty of wide information in different sources in order…show more content…
Both of which can compare each information.

In my opinion,I would rather to gather information Ebsco than Nexis sources because there are a number of specific information and their interface is easily access.
Defect and the difference between both are in Ebsco can identify the date of publish to be narrow information.

This data source is contained the large of news and business resource from International publications. Moreover, Nexis’s function is quite similar to Ebsco to adding field to search more specific detail as u want.
When I searched in Nexis,I try to search information as same key words as Ebsco method.There always provide a wide of result information approximately 900 resources,so I have to modify kind of searching more specific and extra terminology which subsequently made the number of esults being returned fall drastically.

From these result which I have found Nexis,I aimed the benefit from this article entitled
“Internet Banking Security Strategy searching customer trust”(Unknown, 2012)

In this article,it have analysed with regard to the perceived security in using Internet banking of British customer.However,this still relevant to my topic …..
There are obviously advantages from using Nexis sources,for example I can easily reach a

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