Reservation Blues By Sherman Alexie

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Sherman Alexie’s novel, Reservation Blues, successfully captures the essence of pain and struggle that was so evident in both the slavery of Africans and the eradication of Native Americans, and integrates the power of blues music in order to bring the reader a breathtaking story. Alexie develops a strong, interconnected web of characters sharing common misfortune. Whether it is in Coyote Spring’s inability to succeed, Robert Johnson’s painstaking attempt to leave his guitar over the years, alcoholism within the character’s families, discrimination, or any other aspect of Native American life, Sherman Alexie is able to combine the characteristics of Blues music with the oppressed Native American culture present in his novel Reservation Blues.
Although one would assume that there is a significant reason for one group of human beings establishing dominance over another, oppression is in place for reasons no other than race, religion, gender, and other characteristics that are known to make up a majority of our individual identities. Slavery, an awful practice fueled by ignorance and greed, was prevalent throughout the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries. African slaves were used to build the economy by aiding in the production of cash crops such as tobacco and cotton. After the four year long American Civil War was over, president Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing African Americans from slavery. After this significant moment in
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