Reserved, Compassionate, And Self Assessment Of The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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Reserved. Compassionate. Cautious. Observant. All of these words have been used to describe someone like me. But who exactly am I? I am many things, characteristics, and traits. Unique, imaginative, and creative to name a few. While I am similar to others, I’m never exactly the same; I’m never a carbon copy. I’m original. According to “Do What You Are” (DWYA), an online self-assessment of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an “INFJ”. Four labels stamped onto me; four words to describe my personality to a “T”. I am an introvert. I am intuitive. I am a feeler. I am a judge. I tend to keep my feelings, ideas, and opinions to myself in fear of jeopardizing my relationships with others. I strive to live in harmony with the world around me and I often try too hard to please everyone, especially those I care about, whether they may be friends, family, or employers. I am often found fantasizing about the future and I hardly live in the present. I’m all about being creative, however I prefer organization and efficiency when it comes to getting things done and I am not very fond, if at all, of sudden changes in plans. Although I come off as rude, and maybe prudish, I am actually a very empathetic, thoughtful, and respectful person. I never initiate in social flings and I will most likely never be found having “small talk” with anyone, especially a stranger or mere acquaintance. I’d rather listen to what the other person has on their mind and this builds the trust that people often
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