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Reservoir Dogs

Was Tarantino, the right director at the right time? Was he too
talented not to be noticed? Tarantino was fortunate in one respect;
his first film was embraced by cerebral critics as well as the
national publicity machine starved for new heroes.

In a few years, Tarantino evolved from an unemployed actor-writer
working in a video store to the hottest American filmmaker. He has
become a crucial figure, replacing Martin Scorsese as a role model for
young indie directors. Like Scorsese, Tarantino is a cineaste who
knows movies inside out and is deeply committed to the medium. Unlike
Scorsese, though, Tarantino did not go to film school, instead getting
his education in a video
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With no further financial worries, they finished Reservoir Dogs in
time for Sundance Festival, where it began its conquest of the
festival circuit.

Reservoir Dogs swept through Sundance, Cannes, and Toronto like a
brushfire. Distributors who saw the film at Sundance were worried that
it would end up with an NC-17 rating for its graphic violence, which
drove many viewers out of the theatre. That particular fear did not
materialize, although eventually the violence worked against the
film’s broader acceptance. Reservoir Dogs left Sundance without
winning any awards, but it became the festival’s most talked-about
movie, and Miramax decided to distribute it. Over the course of that
year, Tarantino turned up at festival after festival, receiving lavish
praise from intellectual critics for making the hottest indie of the
year. When the movie finally opened, it played for only a few weeks
despite critical support, confirming initial fears that it was too
violent. Miramax’s sparse marketing resulted in a modest box-office
gross of $1 million. Lack of commercial appeal did not stop Reservoir
Dogs attaining cult status within the industry. Most of the press
focused not on the movie or its issues but on Tarantino as a
self-taught auteur. In the end, Tarantino did not promote Reservoir

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