Resettlement Approaches . Resettlement Policy.

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Resettlement approaches Resettlement policy Development project claim areas where people live and performs their businesses. During this time displaced people lose many of their resources which maintain livelihoods. Therefore, the programmes should support by clear cut policy which especially minimizes the challenge encountered with people socio-economic condition, social network and psychological matter in compensation schedule. It should focus on the improvement of relocated household’s livelihoods restorations by provide reasonable and fair compensation and social support for all the affected people based on current market condition and global experiences without discrimination of whether absence of legal title to land and…show more content…
It should be shift from economic of compensation to economic of resettlement with development, housing or proper land replacement, economic and social assistance programmes since displacement destroy previous means of livelihoods. Improving displacement productivity Good governance is vital to reduce the depressing impacts of development-induced displacement by advocating democratization of the process, transparency in planning and aptitude building, active involvement of the affected households in their own matters and other community based organizations and stakeholders in the programme enhances the responsiveness and accountability and effectively participate to express their interest. The people who may be negatively affected by the project are infecting contributing to the value of the project through their acceptance of the costs and benefits of the project. Their participation in the decision- making process was the matter of right than process. To increase the displacement output the resettlement plan should includes, Organizational responsibilities, socio-economic survey, community participation and integration with

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