Reshaping Brain Psychology

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Reshaping brain

Brain is the largest and one of the most complex organ in human body. It is made up of more than 100 billion nerves, which communicates with trillions of connections called synapse.6 The cell bodies of the neurons are called grey matter whereas the axons connecting different neurons are called white matter. Grey matter play a major role in terms of muscle control, sensing, memory, emotions, speech and self-control. In other words, grey matter is essential for proper functioning of human body and health as they regulate human body through various signals and hormones.7 Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) training programs are widely used nowadays to tackle health issues, which prompted the researchers to conduct various
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These waves are the result of the electrical activity of the brain. Whether we are active or asleep, our brain releases these waves. These wave frequencies show how efficiently we are managing stress, focusing on tasks, getting good sleep and rest. These wave frequencies are Gamma waves (40Hz to 100Hz), beta waves (12Hz to 40Hz), Alpha waves (8Hz to 12Hz), Theta waves (4Hz to 8Hz) and Delta waves (0Hz to 4Hz). These waves can be studied by…show more content…
These waves were also highly organized and coordinated in monks than his controls. The monks who had more years of experience in practicing meditation had the greatest level of gamma waves.11 Gamma waves represent cognition, learning, perception and information processing. During meditation, brain wave activities change the brain significantly, which associates with good health and alleviation of stress. In his study, Professor Jim Lagopoules of Sydney University, he showed that different wave patterns correspond to different aspects of meditation. Theta waves correspond to relaxed attention state of brain and these waves originates in the frontal and middle parts of the brain. Alpha waves correspond to silent experiences and wakeful rest, and it was abundant in posterior parts of the brain during meditation. Delta waves correspond to sleep and it was found little during the meditation, which assured that meditation is different from sleeping. Thus meditation brings about significant changes in electrical brain activity to attain wakeful and relaxed attention than just resting alone.12 The altered patterns of wave forms
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