Reshaping The Image Of The Food Service Specialist Rating

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Reshaping the image of the Food Service Specialist rating. For many years the Food Service Specialist rating (FS) has experienced many challenges. Today the rating is not only losing personnel at an alarming rate, it cannot create a center of attention for new recruits who truly desire to be culinarians. Part of this reason is due to image problems that plague the FS rating and create a workforce of members who are dissatisfied with being FS’s in the Coast Guard. Retention and recruitment will be a challenge for the FS rate, but by reshaping the image we may be able to attract the right personnel with the right drive so that we can fill the critical billets needed to keep the rate moving ahead in the years to come. Following the Navy’s efforts in 2004, a name change to Culinary Specialist (CS) keeps the occupation 's definition current with today 's civilian counterpart (, 2004). It better portrays the rating and contributes to a more professional image. Adopting the Culinary Specialist designation aligns our Food Service rating with DOD and civilian sectors, aiding in efforts to reshape and reimage the rate.
The name Food Service Specialist is confusing to some people and sparks questions as to what an FS does. It does not clearly state that FSs are culinarians, but implies that they serve food rather than prepare culinary cuisine. As per Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of Culinarian means cook or chef (, 2015) which better aligns

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