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I am writing this letter to you today to express my interest in your residency program. Currently a fourth year pharmacy student at Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy, I am writing this letter to declare my interest specifically in the PGY1 residency program with your university. Having researched your program, as well as speaking with Dr. ____ and several current residents, as well as meeting with you at the ASHP mid-year residency showcase, I have found myself extremely impressed by the excellent opportunities that I could achieve through the execution of this program. I know that I am truly well prepared for the extensive and renowned program available at your university as a result of the excellent background and foundation I have established. Having maintained a balance of two jobs, school and a variety of extracurricular activities, I know that I am prepared to continue the same…show more content…
Through the training opportunities available at this university I will have the ability to pursue further interaction with patients while strengthening my pharmacotherapeutic knowledge related to specific disease states. In the course of achieving my short term goal of achieving a pharmacy residency, I will be able to refine and hone my clinical expertise as well as expanding my research and teaching abilities. Upon completion of this training, as well as my post-doctorate training, my plan is to obtain a position as a clinical pharmacist in a specialized patient population. The exposition to a variety of different areas of pharmacy practice will undoubtedly shape the direction which I choose to pursue, though I know that currently my primary field of interest is ____. By continuing to pursue this field, I will be better capable of teaching students in the future as well as conducting research in a variety of pharmacy
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