Residency Graduation Speech

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JUNE 10TH, 2017

President and CEO, Members of Boards of Trustees, Hospital administration Officers, DIO, Program Directors, Faculty, staff, family, friends, colleagues, and fellow graduating residents:
Welcome to the residency graduation ceremony for the class of 2017. I am greatly honored to be given the opportunity to address my graduating class.
As individuals and as a group, we have worked hard, we toiled, we endured, and we have come out better, with more passion and more confidence than when we began. We have survived all the different rotations, shifts, and calls, the sleepless nights and the chaos and adrenaline of the emergency room duty and the rigorous training examinations. I believe we are all proud to have made it to this day. In all sincerity, today represents a landmark achievement for each of us and our families. It is to our loved ones and all those who encouraged us through this long journey from preschool through residency that we owe our deepest thanks. The encouragement from family, friends, colleagues, faculty, staff and strangers have played a vital role in our success.
Yes, talking about strangers, this reminds of a 17-year old young man who encouraged me at the Detroit Airport while we were waiting for a connecting flight to New Orleans, on the date of my arrival
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And that we will remember the words of the poet, Maya Angelou that people will forget what you did but people will not forget how you made them feel. I hope that all these years of training will help us to think not only like physicians but also like human beings because the practice of Medicine is a challenging but deeply rewarding art with which we can make positive differences in the lives of our patients and their loved
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