Resident Advisor Application Response Responses

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Resident Advisor Application Responses
1. Why do you feel you would be a good fit for your preferred population?

Through my experiences at SAU thus far, I feel that I would be able to best serve the upperclassmen population as an RA. I have been a member of the St. Ambrose Student Government Association for the past two years, serving as Freshmen Class President and Sophomore Class President. My time on SGA has provided me with many opportunities to serve the entire student body, Freshmen through Seniors. In meetings, I have become confident voicing my perspectives and concerns with all members and the executive board. Being on the planning committee for several SGA activities, such as Bee the Difference Day, CommUNITY Day, Student
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In terms of free time, I try to be a positive influence within my friend group; setting up movie nights, working out in the gym, going shopping, or going out to eat. I find this to be very important when given any time of leadership responsibility.
Second, I have also learned the importance of the ‘forgive and forget’ mentality. Having practice every day, it is easy to get on each others nerves. However, it is important to realize that every day is a new day. Before coming to a conclusion, it is crucial to listen to both sides and also take emotions into consideration.
Lastly, I feel that it is very important to plan floor activities that provide students on the floor with opportunities to get to know each other. Through these activities and new found relationships, I feel that it will help the residents to be more respectful, social, and cordial with one another. Bonding opportunities create more of a ‘family-feel’ within the resident’s hall, making the dorm experience one that everyone will enjoy.

3. From your perspective, what do you think are the three most important functions of a
Resident Advisor?

First and foremost, I think that it is most important for a Resident Advisor to be open and able to keep the peace within the resident’s hall. Whether it be dealing with roommate difficulties, confronting inappropriate behavior, or dealing with
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