Residential School Essay

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Residential school

The native american children were sent to horrible boarding schools. Many native children were sent away to catholic schools and had to they had no choice . The boarding schools would punish the children for speaking their own language by smacking them in the face. When the children finally got to come home they had forgotten their language and felt out of place. Some families would even disown their children for forgetting their own heritage, but it was rare that happened. Also, many children were beaten and abused and mentally abused.

Therefore, The children who were sent away to school rarely got to see their families and if there siblings went to they were separated from one another .
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When the students were abused it would sometimes mess with them so bad they would become mentally ill. Most kids were also brainwashed to believe there heatige ways were wrong so the schools would make them forget everything and even change their religion. One of the students who went there had said “my first day here i locked myself in a bathroom and the nuns ann priest were yelling at me to come when i finally did the priest had smacked me and grabbed me by the head”(Aboriginal image maker).

Finally, Not many people new what was going on so the schools went n for a while. Intel a tribe's chief had called a school to get information which later lead to the government having to take up the case. It started with the children having to go to court and speak about what happened or they wouldn't get justice which wasn't the best way to handle some making children tell their abuse stories in cort in front of strangers they didn't know(Johnas,George). So a lot of them didn't say anything because they didn't want to re live those moments. The people who did speak did receive money for what had happened anyone who was sent there received around 4,000 $ people who were abused physically received another 3,000$. No one started taking these cases until two years after the schools were closed. Not a lot of the teachers had gotten sent to jail either or the priests. A lot of them had gotten away with abuse. Which was something they should have
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