Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Paper

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The program that will be discussed is call the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment but I will refer to it as RSAT for short. RSAT is a program that last at least six months but no more than twelve months if needed. The treatment program will be provided in treatment facilities set apart-in a completely separate facility or even better yet a dedicated housing unit in a facility exclusively used only by RSAT participants, keeping them separated from the general correctional population. RSAT will be focus on the substance abuse problems of the individual inmate. The program will help develop the inmate's, behavioral, cognitive, vocational, social skills, and other techniques used to help solve the substance abuse problems. Within the program they will begin or continue require proven reliable forms of drug and alcohol testing, including urinalysis for program participants and former participants while they remain in the custody of the state or local government. To decrease the chance of recidivism due to drug use or related crimes, RSAT should be limited to inmates with 6 to 12 months remaining in their time behind bars, this way they can just be…show more content…
Not all aftercare program are as effective and to qualify as such. And to do this the person in charge of the substance abuse treatment program must work directly with local as well as state authorities, as well as organizations involved in substance abuse treatment. By doing this they will be able to assist in the proper placement of the RSAT participants into community substance abuse treatment facilities on release, greatly reducing the chance of that inmate returning to
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