Residential Treatment Program Analysis

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The program that was evaluated is the Residential Treatment Program for women. The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive treatment services for alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. This program was chosen due to it gender specific treatment for alcohol and drugs exhibited by Serenity Recovery Center. Clients are admitted to treatment voluntary or court mandated and the goal is to assess the success of the residential program for relapse prevention. The goal of the program is to helping people with alcohol, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders become productive citizens once again. Moreover, another goal is to assist the client with reducing anxiety level upon discharge from the facility.
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This program is from thirty to ninety days. The clients work on the 12 - steps of addiction, complete assignments to understand their disease process, work the steps of addiction along with reading the big book, and discuss the different stories. These assignments are completed on an individual basis and each individual has two weeks before they process their first assessment in a group setting. The big book is also read and discuss in a group setting. The individuals explore there feeling, provide self-affirmation to themselves and others, while voicing a goal for that day, daily through the session group called Grateful. Fourteen women in the program participated in an activity that assess their preparedness for leaving treatment. The women were given a pretest and post-test to assess their anxiety level on Monday, November 24, 2017. This assessment lasted approximately 50 minutes. Before the assessment started, the researcher had the participants fill out some demographic questions, sign consent form, and completed the pretest GAD -7. The assessment began with some quick psycho –education on the topic of meditation and discussion among the group about the topic of meditation.
The women were led through a guided meditation that was based on the theory of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The meditation began with a body scan, to help the client learn how to be aware of their body, as anxiety is experience and ways to recognize the behavior using different
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