Residential Waste : City Garbage Essay

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Residential Waste:- • There is no arrangement of door to door collection and segregation of municipal waste at source in the city. • The residents of city dump the household waste outside their residences from where sweepers of NNG collect waste by means of handcarts and dump the same into the DP containers or roadside (open dump). Roads and streets:- • The Safai Karamcharis employed by the NNG do street sweeping, collect drain silt & waste, put heaps on roadsides and transport them at nearby open dumps. These unorganized disposal methods have resulted in accumulation of solid waste on roadsides and vacant plots, low lying areas and drains/Nallas. • Roads and streets sweeping is done irregularly by the Nagar Nigam Safai Karamcharis. Commercial and market waste:- • Very poor solid waste disposal and collection mechanism for commercial and market areas. The waste/garbage in most these areas is collected once in two or three days. • No any hotel or Restaurants are covered by Door to door collection. • There is Lack of dustbins/community bin. And also there is no provision of dustbins in the commercial places/markets and the people tend to throw the waste on the roadside or in the drains/Nallas. • The common and prevalent problems faced by general public in markets areas is improper garbage disposal causing the blockage of roads, foul smell, clogging of drains/Nallas. Hospital waste:- • All the bio-medical liquid waste is discharged in Nallas/drains. • Most of the hospitals do

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