Resilience For Health Care Consumers And Health Professional

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Concept of resilience with factors contributing to resilience for health care consumers and health professional Introduction We as human beings, some or the other day have undergone to situations or events which have changed our lives. Such events can be like death of our loved one, loss of the job, serious health issue, terrorism or shocking incidents. These events are very challenging experiences of life and to these situations or circumstances we react with a flood of emotions and a sense of uncertainty. But as the time passes we people manage to overcome these stressful conditions and adapt to the circumstances and how we manage to do is through resilience (Noh Hee et. al, 2015). Resilience is commonly described as the person’s or to…show more content…
In this essay we will be focussing more on resilience, defining the concept and meaning of resilience and what factors contributes to resilience for health care professionals and consumers. Factors Influencing Resilience in health care consumers and professionals In today’s fast changing world, health care industry is facing the challenge of rapid evolution which is revolving from providing everything required for actual delivery of medical treatment to how health care consumers i.e. the clients manage their health. The health care providers are competing hard in the market to gain maximum profit and patient loyalty, they are not only just focussing on providing excellent treatment but also helping the patient to overcome with resilience. With rapid advancement in health care industry there has been more and more complexity in terms of technology and responsibilities of health care professionals to meet the consumer’s (patient’s) high level expectations of nursing services. The emergency situations and complicated myriads demand the nursing staff to posses strong clinical skills so as to cope up with the emergencies and also nurture the resilience of themselves and as well as of patients. The various factors which can help health care professionals to cope up and enhance their resilience are: Ego-resilience: The nursing staff face the challenges of emergency, 24 hours 7 days availability and must have expert knowledge and skills. Therefore to cope up
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