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People are exposed to at least one life-threatening situation during their lives. As people progress through life, there might be death of close ones. Not everyone bounces from these events the same way. Some people seem to recover quickly but then begin to experience unexpected difficulties concentrating or enjoying life the way they used to. Some people can move on with these difficult situations. This article answers the question of resilience in the face of loss or potentially traumatic events. Resilience is more common than people think, and that there are multiple pathways to resilience. People who try to recover grief work. Cognitive behavioral treatments help traumatized individuals understand and manage their anxiety and have been…show more content…
It is important to note that these resilient individuals, experience some emotional pains, and almost all participants reported intrusive cognition at some point early after a loss of a love or someone close in their lives. It is stated in the article, vast majority of individuals exposed to violent or life-threatening events do not go on to develop the disorder has not received adequate attention. How to require resilience is a big question? For example, hardiness consists of three concepts: finding meaningful purpose in life, the idea that one can influence one’s surroundings and the outcome of events, a person can learn and grow from both positive and negative life experiences. Hardy individuals have been found to appraise stressful situations as less threatening, thus minimizing the experience of distress. Individuals identified as depressors tend to avoid unpleasant thoughts, emotions, and memories. In contrast to hardiness, repressive coping appears to function primarily through emotion focused mechanisms. Positive emotion and laughter plays a big factor in
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