Essay on Resilience and Spirituality

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Resilience and Spirituality Jessica Polster Liberty University Abstract Resilience or bouncing back after trauma, happens to all people at some time in their life. Whether that be after the death of a family member, seeing combat, watching a friend die, being abused, there are many forms of trauma that people deal with on a day-to-day basis. “The term resilience is used across a variety of domains” (Dees, 2011). How someone bounces back after the trauma plays a big role in how they will live out the rest of their lives. Some people after a trauma occurs make sure they guard their current relationships of the people who had helped them out. They also might rethink their future, maybe they need a job change, maybe it’s that person’s…show more content…
It is something that can change depending on the person that experienced the trauma. It can also change if the person is able to bounce back from whatever is affecting them. Resilience plays a major part in the way someone heals and recovers fully from different trauma. The way a person heals depends on the person and what environment they are living in. If a person does not want to help him/herself then they will not attempt to get better. “Resilience is built on a life long process by the person and their environment” (Monroe, Oliviere, & Vanistendael, 2007). When a person takes the step to bounce back after trauma or attempts to build their resilience, they are taking the first steps to healing. After someone experiences trauma, they sometimes get into a funk where they are unable to build their resilience, but if they plan for trauma and understand who they can count on when trauma strikes, they may be less likely to experience any sort of depressive symptoms. “Individuals with a strong sense of personal mastery and control are less likely to experience increases in depressive symptoms as a result of economic strain, and were likely to cope more effectively” (MacDermid, Samper, Schwarz, Nishida & Nyaronga, 2008). Pain and suffering are huge parts of life, no one can avoid feeling that way no matter how hard they try or plan for trauma. “Pain and suffering are consequences of this evil, and none
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