Resiliency In The Metamorphosis By Albert Camus

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Resiliency is created in a person when they see a challenge that requires a certain amount of inner strength to overcome, and instead of sitting and waiting for that challenge to pass they tackle it head on. Four literary novels, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, and The Plague by Albert Camus, feature characters who tackle the idea of resiliency to varying degrees of success. Jeannette Walls, the boy, and Rieux each succeed in being resilient by standing up to the situations in which they are facing adversity, while Gregor Samsa grows to merely tolerate his situation and not learn from it. Gregor fails to be resilient, because he believes that his transformation will eventually…show more content…
The country is the most divided it has been in years, because of the differing opinion that have damaged relationships among families and friends. The United States is the strongest power in the world, and its citizens have the ability to unite and become the country that everyone wants to be. By tearing each other apart, the nation will surely become weaker than it would be if it was united and working together. Whether one supports President-elect Trump or not, people have to understand that no one will be able to change the outcome. Stop argueing at the dinner table, and stop the protesting because only through love can there truly be change. Use speech and not protest, because when there is discussion change comes soon after. Do not tolerate being an individual in a society of individuals, because every person has a voice. What is beautiful about democracy is that there is another chance for redemption and for the people to change the country. Be brave and use the resilience that everyone possesses to make the United States the best country that it can
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