`` Resistance As Something ``

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"Resistance as something “created when the method of influence is mismatched with the client’s current propensity to accept the manner in which the influence is delivered". If a leader has already thought through what they will do when they encounter resistance before they start a teen group they can keep from fighting with teens of the group that are disruptive. Instead, they will be able to continue to be neutral and ensure they have a strong outlook and should know what is going on in the group. The leader needs to make sure they retain their dignity in helping the group and do what they know is right. Group leaders should make sure each person involved in the group know what the guidelines are before the group starts and what the…show more content…
The other teens could end up having apprehensions and be hesitant once a teen leaves. The teens may even relapse and can 't define how they are having a tough time with unhappiness, sadness, and they might become very angry. A group leader needs to use intercessions focused on assisting the teens with the teen leaving. He can help them through the departure, cope with feeling the teen left behind, and help the teens to look at what they have already done in the group and how far they have come. Hopefully, the leader can get the teen who is leaving to tell the other members good bye. In this way, the leader may escape severe deterioration of the group once the teen leaves. Teens are used to being put down by the people they are around because of the refusal of the teen not wanting to adjust their lives the way the people want them to. The teen feels that the people do not have any consideration or patience for their difficulties. When they find out their leader does understand them and have compassion for them they start to give up their resistance to the leader helping them.
There are times when a teen does not know how to interact with other people. Either the leader should talk to them and feel out if they are going to make it in the group, or sometimes involve the other teens. If it is decided they could make it with help the leader needs to make sure he reassures the teen and sets a good example. Leaders need to make sure they look into each teens
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