Resistance In Resistance Literature

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Reading resistance literature need an open mind. The reader does his or her best to understand things according to the view of the author and it is not easy for some people to agree with this point of view. Sometimes, the reader can not have a particular feeling , but the author use some descriptive words for showing emotions which he wants to present. If we study this issue carefully, we find that this issue is popular and prevalent everywhere throughout literature without taking some important points into account. Authors have a good chance and freedom to express themselves in different ways because of the open definition of resistance as if the definition of resistance literature is Specified this would limit the author’s ability to…show more content…
They also consider it as a way for recover their culture which is Contaminated by means of outside influences. In other words, we can say that resistance literature is a way in which the repressed spirit find itself. In addition, colonized people find in it a way for fight and speak as they can not speak nor fight. It is a good way to defense and get all their rights. In resistance literature, the author does not need a specific shape in writing as it is just a way for expressing pain and insurgence so it has different sorts and it is not necessary to be presented in a specific way. In works of both prose and poetry, the aim is to convey a specific message to the colonizer and showing different stages of feelings towards it which is hate, rebellion, injustice and oppression. We can find the most obvious form of resistance literature clear in African American literature. They were enslaved and this is relate to the latter half of the 18th century. The form of resistance was very obvious in slavery in this time. They was considered as a doll which can not be good in a particular fields like arts and
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