'Resistance To Peacefulness' By Rosa Parks

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I feel that the resistance to peacefulness has a negative impact on having a free society. The main way to give us a peaceful environment would be by giving everyone free will and not locking everything up so much or punishing someone for something that they have no control over at all such as a person for there color of skin. For example, Rosa Parks got in trouble for simply refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white. If this was opposite or even a white person refusing to give up there seat on the bus to another white there would be no consequences. In this case they took away a person's freedom just because of the simple reason of her not being white. Yes, although the world has changed in many cases there are still times when a…show more content…
Same with someone who robs or breaks into something Due to the fact that even though that may take some of there freedom away, they're taking it from others so something needs to be done with them to attempt to help the society and how people live. If they do it one time then maybe you can just try locking them up for a little bit but if they do it again they should face a lot more time then they typically do because if they do it twice then they're more than likely not going to change. In my opinion, yes it may take some peoples freedom away by locking them up but at the same time it is also preserving some other peoples freedom because they're out committing crimes and disturbing other people which is not right by any mean for anyone. In another example people who rebel against what they're being told should also lose some of there so called freedom. Yeah, back in the day when they felt that there was a need to separate blacks and whites, that it wasn't really fair to the blacks. They where given very little freedom if any and where not respected by
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