Resistance Training Plan

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Want to meet your fitness goals? Certified personal trainer Carla Alcox of Commit to Fit Training recommends adding resistance training to your exercise routine. While workouts for women often skip over cultivating strength in favor of cardio-heavy routines, resistance training is a vital part of any complete women’s health and wellness plan. Learn why with these insights from Centennial, CO’s finest women’s fitness specialist.

Bone Density: Women are at risk of osteoporosis as they age, which is why workouts for women should always include bone density-boosting resistance training. Strength training, combined with a diet rich in calcium, increases bone mineral density, making it a valuable part of osteoporosis prevention.
Healthy Weight Maintenance: If you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, you need to look beyond cardio. Strength training not only burns calories while you’re doing it, but continues boosting your metabolism long after your workout is over. Muscle takes more calories to maintain than fat, so a little resistance training can actually help you maintain your weight loss.
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You’ll move in a more supported, efficient way, as well as dramatically improve your posture.
Reduced Injury Risk: Strength training bolsters the muscles around your joints, supporting vulnerable points to reduce your risk of injury. By strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons, you increase your body’s capability to handle stress, so it can adapt to anything life throws its way. Just be careful to choose a program that includes resistance training aimed at full-body, functional strength, to avoid imbalances in your body’s interwoven kinetic
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