Resistance and Opposition From the first slaves came resistance and rebellion in hopes of gaining

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Resistance and Opposition From the first slaves came resistance and rebellion in hopes of gaining freedom or simply to make the life of their owners miserable. The African people first began to rebel in their homeland. A number of attempts were made in Africa to either stop the trade or cut it down significantly.’ More attempts were made with the passing or laws preventing slave traders from trading in their village keeping that village safe. Many villages would fight against traders to keep trading from happening but they soon realized that the best way to keep the traders out was to put into effect long-term approaches. ‘Earthworks were built to thwart small-scale raids and kidnappings, some rivers were diverted so that they would…show more content…
Others, once given the chance, would jump off the ship and drown themselves. Many more would have other slaves onboard the ship kill them. So not only was the death toll high enough from unsanitary conditions and diseases, even more committed suicide to prevent themselves from a lifetime of slavery. The rebellions did not stop once arriving to the Americas - in fact, they increased. Slaves were not shackled together twenty-four hours a day and were given a lot more freedom that they previously had on slavers. Slaves would fight back ‘by working slowly, by destroying equipment or by acts of individual revenge.’ Some went as far to kill their owners and their families but the punishment for those that were caught were of the most heinous sort with torture of their own families, death, and killing those that were not even involved. Some in desperation of running away committed suicide to evade punishment for what they had done. ‘Slave fugitives usually ran off singly or in pairs; they were often disguised; sometimes they took the tools of their trade to aid their flight.’ Some slaves hoped to return back to their native lands, many were successful, but others ran to the North where slavery was illegal and where they would be granted freedom once arriving. Most of the slave runaways were male as not many females would leave their families and their children behind. Those that ran away, and were caught, would be returned to their masters to receive a
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