Resistance and Revolt

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Name: Shanieka Dijonai English Subject: Caribbean History Proficiency: General Registration #: School: Convent of Mercy Academy “Alpha” Centre #: Teacher: Mrs. Susan Nelson-Bloomfield

Question A
The form of resistance being depicted in the picture is marronage. Another name for marronage is the running away of slaves from the plantation. If the colony had a dense population the runaways would go to the port towns where they would seek fake certificates to forge their freedom, which would give them an advantage of living with the Coloureds. In larger colonies slaves made their way into the middle of the island, which was mostly forested. Hidden villages were in this area,
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Physical punishment or a threat of it was an important method used to gain control in slave societies. The runaways may some time loose a leg or their Achilles tendon might be severed if they were caught and if they were caught sabotaging the working equipment the workloads would be increased. Their masters also physically and psychologically tortured women to prevent them from resisting slavery. They were whipped with a whip made from plaited cow skin, which could tear the skin of a slave’s back or a horse’s back. Some females were punished so severely for running away that they were left to die and sometime ears were severed and teeth were pulled which seemed to be a very horrific punishment. Amputation or death was a punishment for those who stole and of a slave that lit the cane fields were caught they would be burnt to death. Those who stole would administer the amputation to themselves that would seem horrific. It was seen in Maume bay when a black woman’s arm was severed because the master’s wife claimed to struck her. Just as physical as important as physical control was psychological control. The whites treated the slaves in ways, which would seem to rob them of their identity, humanity and dignity. Slaves master’s branded their initials or marks on the slave’s body, the pain would soon go away but there was a mark which reminded them, that they were someone else’s property which suggested that

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