Resistance to Change

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Resistance to Change MGT380 - Managing Organizational Change July 30, 2012 Dr. David M. Piltz Resistance to Change Organizational change is a focus for Starbucks. The resistance to change needs to be a consideration for the company. Starbucks needs to focus on how to communicate the change in the organization and the attitudes that come with the change, whether it is positive or negative. Starbucks needs to establish strategies for managing the attitudes and the role of the president, manager, and employees with the proposed changes. Starbucks also needs to consider how the combination of the leadership and communication strategies mitigates resistance to change. Communicate Change Change within an organization is a…show more content…
Listening to the employees helps enable the managers to learn more about the employee’s hopes, fears, and the actions that they may take. Listen for points of commonality to establish some common ground. Managers need to rethink resistance by recognizing it as a natural part of the adaption-to-change process, which is a form of energy that may be able to be trapped and a form of feedback about the change process. Role of President, Manager, and Employee Change needs leaders and managers, leaders must inspire people to take the brave step into the unknown, to define an inspiring vision, and to guide the employee on their journey. The president needs sponsor the change, map-out the stakeholders, shape a steering group to oversee the project, and lend support keep employees engaged. The president also needs to pick a project leader and manage, and recruit a project team with representatives from across the business. The president needs to meet with a team of supervisors from various stores and discuss the changes that are implemented. Meeting with a team of supervisors conveys that the company is confident about the change and that their input is needed and very much appreciated. The manager’s role is to communicate the changes with clear and accurate instructions to the employees who are

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